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Crystal Salt

I help strong, independent  women find the love of their lives

You can be strong and supported...

Let me show you how!

Society has trained us to be small and docile, which has harmed so many women and families. In response, we've learned to protect ourselves by becoming independent, bold, and assertive.

We took our power back and realized that we don't need to serve others to be worthy or safe.

But in this transition, we may have lost what we actually wanted all along: connection.

That strength that we used to protect ourselves, may also be blocking out the love and safety we truly crave.

Does this feel familiar? Would you like to put down your armor and let yourself be loved and cared for? Then you're in the right place.

This is a space where we'll find balance between healthy boundaries and dismissiveness, high self-worth and ego, assertiveness and aggressiveness, authentic feminine energy and passiveness.

This is a space where we'll create healthy boundaries to filter out problematic people, but also allow in safe people. This is a space where we'll heal the wounds that we're projecting into the present.

Stick around and join this movement to heal your own relationships, and the imbalance that's harming our society. Let's get off of this pendulum of extremes and embrace our authentic selves with healthy vulnerability.

You deserve to find meaningful love and peace, and I want to show you how!

About me

Hi, I'm tatiana

I'm a Life Coach, and I'm also a strong, independent woman. I want to show you that you can be strong and lovable, all while helping you attract the love of your life. You can have the quality partner you've always dreamed of without losing your sense of self or security (no settling)! And, more importantly, you can find the pure joy of living as you truly are, in ALL your fullness.

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Are you tired of the dating scene or just getting ready to start dating again after divorce? Dating can be difficult for divorced women in their 30's, 40's, and 50's. We'...
Group Coaching for Women after Divorce
$150 per month

What People Are Saying

"I have an unwavering belief that all things and people cross your path for a reason. I am so thankful that Tatiana came into mine. She is an amazing life coach, very authentic, honest and supportive. She helped me to understand experiences in my past that were still playing out in my current life. She helped me to really look at myself and the woman I am and not only embrace that but to truly appreciate myself for it. She helped me to set healthy boundaries in my life and make myself a priority. I am grateful beyond words for her guidance and support."

~ Maxima M.

"When I started life coaching I had no idea just how much I needed it. Tatiana's thoughtful and carefully customized plan helped me dive head first into a journey that has seen me create better and healthier habits in my life. She has moved me closer to my goals and is ultimately helping me realize my biggest dreams that had previously felt out of reach. Tatiana is also incredibly relatable, open, transparent, professional, and warm...all things you need to open up and build trust so you can get the most out of the experience. I can't recommend her enough!"

~ T.R.

"I look back at photos from this time last year and remember feeling discontent, unhappy and feeling resentment towards everyone in my life but mostly resentment towards my circumstances. When I look back at those photos I can clearly distinguish that today and then are 2 different Me's. After 8 months of coaching with Tatiana I can confidently say that those feelings of discontent and resentment are in the past. Tatiana has helped guide me towards a future that I want and am excited about and has really helped me identify what that desired life looks like. I felt clueless and hopeless during our first meeting but overtime we were able to shave off the waste and shape what that inner feeling of what that desired life looks like. Having the vulnerability to say, “I need help” takes courage and if you are seeking help I encourage you to see someone who can help you dig through your mess and organize the wants and don't-wants of your mind and of your heart. Basically, you should just see Tatiana. One of the best decisions I ever made."

~ P.E.


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