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Helping women get off of the pendulum of extremes between passivity and aggression so that they can embrace healthy boundaries with vulnerability and receptivity. Helping women reveal their full and authentic selves by shedding societal programming that encourages them to shrink or dim themselves. Helping women harness true self-love and manifest strong romantic partnerships with conscious people.


A world in which people of all genders can express themselves fully and be loved as they are.

our guiding

  • Every person is lovable

  • Women have been programmed to be small, agreeable, and dependent

  • Men have been programmed to be stoic and misogynistic

  • Men are not the problem, patriarchy is the problem

  • Feminism is not man-hating, it's the absence of woman-hating

  • Feminism is a natural state of being, misogyny is learned

  • The oppressed are not responsible for changing the system of oppression

  • Change comes from holding higher expectations that every person heal themselves (we do not settle)

  • We must be able and willing to offer what we seek in a partner

  • Women are allowed to be angry and speak their truth without being harmed

  • We must release our shame and defenses to allow love

  • We attract healthy partnership from a place of fullness and desire, not from lack or need

  • Whatever we don't own, owns us (shadow, negative beliefs, trauma)

Our Services


Group Coaching for Women Dating after Divorce

Are you divorced and ready to date? Or are you burnt out from the dating scene? Join other amazing women for this virtual peer support group where you'll learn how to date with intention, filter through the fluff, and attract a high-quality mate from a place of authenticity!


Individual Coaching

Set up a free discovery call to determine if one-on-one coaching is right for you. Tatiana can let you know what your individualized plan would look like in order to move into your best life and attract the love of your life!


Find Your Love Blocks

Work one-on-one with Tatiana to examine your personal and family history, in order to uncover your blocking core beliefs. We create our reality based on our core beliefs. Learn which ones are blocking you so that you can reprogram them and attract everything you want!

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