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The Unexpected Power of Making a Decision

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

I recently found myself in a proverbial stand-off with the Universe. You know the kind, where you’re both politely gesturing each other forward, saying “No, you go first. I insist. You lead the way and I will follow”.

See, I was grappling with a very scary decision about my career, and my adult brain kept telling me that it was too risky and irresponsible. I mean, yes, I had thought of ways to mitigate any real risks, but there were no guarantees that things would turn out the way I wanted them to. Add to that the fact that some subconscious part of my psyche was having a field day convincing me that this venture was an impending failure and the fallout would be too heartbreaking to bear.

So, in truly pragmatic form, I concluded that the best course of action would be to let the Universe decide for me. I would continue taking steps in both directions and see how they unfolded - eventually selecting the option that seemed to be working out the best.

Needless to say, this became a painfully long 3 months. Because what I forgot during my fear-induced ‘decision to be indecisive’ was that the Universe could only bring me what I actually asked for.

By walking the line between both decisions, I wasn’t owning my desire; therefore the Universe wasn’t able to fully support it.

Think of it this way. If you're dining at a restaurant and you can't decide between ordering the pizza or the burger, your server will be at a loss to bring you anything to eat. You need to make a decision and place your order before you can get a tantalizing plate of food in front of you.

And yes, theoretically you could order BOTH the pizza and the burger, but we both know that doing so wouldn’t really satisfy your craving for either. These delicious plates would be in competition for your attention and you would fill up too fast on one to really enjoy the other.

Just like your server, the Universe is trained and ready to bring you what you want; but first, you must place your order.

Luckily, I was reminded of this important fact by a wonderful friend and fellow empath. We were catching up over lunch, and she was listening to my tale of woe and confusion. Finally she stopped me and made a gesture that very accurately represented all the chaos swirling in and around my head. She said “Tatiana, last summer when you took that other big leap in your career, you were so much clearer, and things were falling into place for you. Do you know why? You had made a decision. And then the Universe provided all the support you needed to make it happen.”

Bam! Just like that the light bulb went off. She had nailed it! I needed to decide for myself, and place my order. I already knew my choice but I'd been too afraid to own it and risk the security of what I knew.

So I mustered up my courage and, on my drive home from lunch, I declared my choice boldly to the Universe. I even made a detour to establish a relationship that could prove helpful in this new business venture. I allowed myself to start considering all the possible ways to accomplish my goal. My mind even toyed with a possible scenario that involved receiving financial backing that would make both desires possible.

Even now I’m in awe of what transpired as a result of owning my decision, and my willingness to get creative with the Universe. Every important person in my life stepped up to provide support, in whatever way they could. My mental fog began to lift and I felt energized to take bold steps towards my dream.

And then the most amazing thing happened.

As I was waiting for an important call that would hopefully provide some financial support for my goal, I received a different call with an offer for full financial backing - no strings attached. Financial backing that would allow me to pursue both desires at the same time! This was the exact type of support I had allowed myself to dream about when I got creative with the Universe. And it became a reality!

And all of that was just the beginning. Little and big things continued falling into place, reaffirming that I am being supported by the Universe. As I sit and reflect on this situation, I’m reminded of all the other times that the Universe has supported my decisions: some good and some bad. And it highlights to me that we are all extraordinarily powerful manifesters.

So, when you find yourself in limbo with a strong desire to make a change, remember that the Universe really does want to support you. You just need to find the courage to place your order, and let the magic happen.



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